A poem for womankind

Our world is like a garden,
Eternally in blossom
The saplings grow,
The flowers bloom,
And no plant can be forgotten

They come in all colours and sizes,
A feast upon the eyes
As I walk among them,
As if in paradise,
It is I that each one mesmerises

At first glance all I see is beauty
Superficial and yet so true
I draw closer and see
What they shall live to be
And behold them in all their glory

It is like being close to a phoenix
Or an angel whose heart is pure
When they shine like the sun with goodness,
With a smile any ill they will cure

Between passion and admiration,
Both in doubt and feeling too sure,
I cannot help respecting and loving them,
These beings with the power to lure

What would the world be without them,
With no such treasure to discover?
If we live, if we die,
These words are no lie:
We exist to serve these women.

5 thoughts on “A poem for womankind”

  1. Oh come on, you can tell us… What’s her name? ^^

    Anyway, as usual, poème bien écrit, très attentionné et tout à fait vrai héhé… (made me think of someone with 2 bags and a suitcase in Oxford Street… Suivez mon regard…)

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