Enter the professional life

Yesterday (Friday 1 October) marked the dawn of a new era in my life, namely the start of my work life. As a lawyer, I fear that my free time may be dramatically reduced, which means less time to devote to music composing, Arpia in all its facets, web design and other things.

I shall be working as a lawyer in the Brussels office of Loyens & Loeff, a Dutch firm, and in their “Commercial/Intellectual Property/Information Technology” department to be more precise.

After my first full week (i.e. the one that starts on Monday 4 October, with my taking of the lawyer’s oath at the Brussels Court of Appeal), I shall post my thoughts on this new environment. Until then, know that my first day with Loyens is best summarised by three words: fascinating, intense and exhausting (all in a very positive way).

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