Paint frenzy

It’s no secret that since I thought up the design for the Cat Hat e-reputation website, I have kind of fallen in love with paint splotches. [I’ll soon have to start creating real-life ones, but that’s another story entirely.]

Some two weeks ago, I felt it was time for me to come up with yet another redesign idea. Unlike the N previous ideas, I ended up really liking the end-result.

What better way to start summer than with bright colours?


In the previous design, if you clicked on the “next page” button enough, you stumbled upon a couple of random bits of content. Here, the “bonus” element isn’t extra content but rather the fact that each visit is unique, with the paint splotches semi-randomly changing all the time, across the entire website.

It wasn’t entirely a painless process, mainly because the semi-random behaviour is more difficult to code than one would anticipate, but it was a fun coding experiment.

Closing comments: still no mobile version (unlike the Cat Hat e-reputation website), but we’ll see if I ever get around to creating that.

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