New design: lighter, meaner, mobile-friendlier

Welcome to the brand new!

The past few months have been significant for me, and I haven’t had much time to devote to this website, let alone update its design. Still, an update was necessary, especially given that the old one was still not mobile-friendly.

So, a few hours of playing around with simpler designs later, I started to prepare a new one. The result is in my view cleaner, lighter, more fun. Also, it finally works well on my iPhone.

I’m also thinking about migrating away from itself. As time goes by, the link between what I do and Arpia feels more and more remote… which means that I may link the server itself with a new domain name in the coming months. We’ll see.

Feel free to play around with the new design. The randomised paint blobs still appear all over the place, so reload a page to see different blobs appear instead.

I may soon post an actual update in terms of content. After all, the past few months have been life-changing in many ways. In that case… stay tuned!

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