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Download the ARPIA2 plug-in for Escape Velocity Nova, version 2.2.0

A walkthrough is available in RTF format here, and a guide to The Riddle can be found here.

Arpia was devised as a simple plug-in/add-on for a game called Escape Velocity: Nova (EVN or EV:Nova for short), the third game in the Escape Velocity series of Ambrosia Software.
The storylines the player can follow had really inspired me, and so it was that I started to create a little story of my own.

ARPIA2 is a game add-on of three large storylines woven in parallel among which the player must choose.
The player fights battles, frees slaves, explores the galaxy, discovers trade, protects the human race and is part of Arpia.

Cover of Arpia
To view images from ARPIA2, you can visit the Arpia Gallery

In ARPIA2 you get to choose your path. But beware: one choice can change the future, and the future holds many surprises… Do you have what it takes?
It has always been everyone’s dream to fight off entire fleets by oneself, to become a big-time rich trader, to do covert ops and to know everyone, everywhere.
Well, here’s your chance.

Complete with stunning graphics made by incredibly talented designers (some of them actually created EVN years before, others have since then become game designers themselves or are hoping to do so), it is another way of being Arpia.

Enjoy the plug-in!

Shield add-ons for ARPIA2

ARPIA2 is compatible with ShieldBubbles and other such shield plug-ins. You may download an ARPIA2 ShieldBubbles add-on (requires 3D ShieldBubbles), or download Guy’s Shields plug-in, which includes a version for ARPIA2.

292 thoughts on “ARPIA2”

  1. I was playing the Shadow Warrior campaign. I destroyed 10 ships over Sol then went to capture Krane on New England. She threw a grenade and I was sent to Purgatory. What did I do wrong? I am stuck in Purgatory dying over and over again.

    1. Hi Paul, you can escape Purgatory. If you have a cloak, it’s the easiest method – otherwise, try looking for clues on your map.
      The “death” sequences are based on randomness, not player actions – you were then just unlucky this time around. Once you have escaped Purgatory, you can try again.

  2. Hi, when i reach the specific system form the riddle and entering the wormhole, I cant access the hypergate, which means I cant advanced the story. Can you help me and explain why?

    1. Hello, I just send the pilotlog yesterday. Let me know if there is something wrong with it.

  3. I have the Arpian “ShipVariants” plug installed, since I like having variety. Are there any compatibility issues with the ShipVariants plug for the standard Nova ships? Which version of ShipVariants works best?

  4. I seem to be in a “limbo” state. Nothing is happening since the trial when Krane was found guilty. I was asked to return the Polarans but hadn’t enough cargo space. So I sold my cargo and could not find the telepaths. I returned to Cultura and have been hauling cargo since then.

  5. Hey, I just got into Apria (I know, I know, I’m a latecomer to the party), and I love it. Thanks for all the work you did on this game.

  6. Greetings once more.
    I got lucky and got the mini-storyline, which was fun.
    It ended with me coming here to ask you about some research.
    Specifically some kind of Station.

  7. Hi Steve,

    The bonus mini-storyline is available from a non-Arpian bar if you have finished one of the storylines and have a “Deadly” combat rating. It only has a 5% appear chance, though, so you may have to travel a bit to find it 😉


  8. Oh wow was not expecting a response this soon! But anyways, how does one go about starting the mini-storyline? Do you have some sort of walk through on how to at least start those missions?

    Thanks for such an amazing plug-in and storyline!

  9. How do I reset a Mission? After the trial on Earth I am asked to take the telepaths back to Polaran space. Then am told I have to dump or sell my cargo. I do and re-land. No telepaths. and I have been in limbo eve since then.

  10. Hi Steve,
    There’s a post-storyline “mini-storyline”, and you can also replay the storyline to try out different options (i.e. the three paths: Public Figure – Shadow Warrior – Regular Member).

  11. What end game content is there for Apria? I’ve beaten the main storyline and was wondering if there was post mission content I could do?

  12. Hi Rich,
    The Carachnor is only available to “Warriors”, i.e. Public Figure and Shadow Warrior, due to their rank. I think you can still get an Illyana, but not a Sylvatha for instance.

  13. I’m playing through the storyline as a Regular (just completed the attack Hogun fleet and now have Wadina and Artemus on board) and dont seem to be able to purchase the Caranchor ship still. Is this normal?

  14. I found an article in Macworld that gave me the answer on getting to the Library-“Shift+Command+G”

  15. When I used: ~/Library/Application Support/EV Nova/, I got a question mark beside the window. When I clicked on the question mark it said Could not find.”

  16. Dear Anthony,

    The path is “~/Library/Application Support/EV Nova/”, not “EV”. In Terminal, escape the spaces (i.e. “\ ” instead of ” “), but you don’t need to do that in Finder.

    Let me know if you find it.

  17. I wrote you sometime ago about getting to my pilot log. I have since lost the info and would like for you to send it to me again. I am running OSX 10.8.5. Thanks for all that you are doing.

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