Arpia media

For ARPIA2, media has been created, be it auditive or visual. Come now get a taste of it all… QUICKTIME REQUIRED (Mac/PC)


Adieu, Shadows of Stealth and Starlight Gliding, composed by Peter Craddock, all created in MIDI format originally, now MP3 format.


ARPIA2 trailer (or small brandwith version), Planet Hogun exploding (or small brandwith version, both without the in-game sound), both made by Jonas Waage, and sound created by Peter Craddock.

For any other sounds or animations, you shall need the ARPIA2 plug-in.

And if you are more interested in hearing the songs whose lyrics one can read in the story, well, you can visit the music pages. All songs there are composed by yours truly, and range from soft pop to hard rock.

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