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Download the ARPIA2 plug-in for Escape Velocity Nova, version 2.2.0

A walkthrough is available in RTF format here, and a guide to The Riddle can be found here.

Arpia was devised as a simple plug-in/add-on for a game called Escape Velocity: Nova (EVN or EV:Nova for short), the third game in the Escape Velocity series of Ambrosia Software.
The storylines the player can follow had really inspired me, and so it was that I started to create a little story of my own.

ARPIA2 is a game add-on of three large storylines woven in parallel among which the player must choose.
The player fights battles, frees slaves, explores the galaxy, discovers trade, protects the human race and is part of Arpia.

Cover of Arpia
To view images from ARPIA2, you can visit the Arpia Gallery

In ARPIA2 you get to choose your path. But beware: one choice can change the future, and the future holds many surprises… Do you have what it takes?
It has always been everyone’s dream to fight off entire fleets by oneself, to become a big-time rich trader, to do covert ops and to know everyone, everywhere.
Well, here’s your chance.

Complete with stunning graphics made by incredibly talented designers (some of them actually created EVN years before, others have since then become game designers themselves or are hoping to do so), it is another way of being Arpia.

Enjoy the plug-in!

Shield add-ons for ARPIA2

ARPIA2 is compatible with ShieldBubbles and other such shield plug-ins. You may download an ARPIA2 ShieldBubbles add-on (requires 3D ShieldBubbles), or download Guy’s Shields plug-in, which includes a version for ARPIA2.

292 thoughts on “ARPIA2”

  1. Hrm… I don’t see anything in there that should cause a problem.
    There’s one thing, though: did you create the pilot before loading ARPIA2? There’s a bug in EVN that makes përs resources not appear if they come from a file that was loaded after the pilot file was created. Don’t know if there’s anyway to fix that, apart from by creating a new pilot and starting all over again.

  2. it’s not letting me register an account for some reason. can i email it directly to you? i don’t want to take u too much space here. sorry

  3. whenever the registration email comes in that is. i hope i’m trying to post in the right spot : / (ambrosia ev nova forum) thanks again

  4. Okay thanks a lot for responding so quickly. i’ll post it in the ev nova forum in that link. thank you ^_^

  5. Hey Peter. thanks for giving us more EVN to play. The hoguns seemed like too much modified thier guns, but unsatisfied with cheating i put them back and did it again with 6 Luso Scarabs (overkill?)
    Anyway i am posting because i took the mission to find the fallen angel prototype but it doesn’t appear in teft. so after hours of searching i decided to look at the mission resource to see where i was really supposed to go, only to find there are no ship related objectives and nothing set for success of the mission, nowhere to go, indeed it seems to be an endless mission. is my file a fluke, or am i missing something here?

  6. Please disregard the last comment… I’m truly an idiot, posting now.

  7. I’m not sure where I should post it, just managed to get one made.

  8. Well I went through all of the dialogue but now I have no missions, no where to go, and in the last bit of story I read I was meant to be going to fight the Bureau fleet.

  9. I seem to be unable to progress past the part where the Rebels have set up a new base in Polaris space and I am meant to fight the new Bureau ship… any one have any Ideas?

  10. There we go, version 2.2.0 should, in theory, finally fix that issue with Pirate Strike. Also, a new launcher for MacNova 1.1 means that ARPIA2 can now check for updates.

  11. Hi! I do hope this is still active. I’m at “The RIddle” stage and I’ve found the place where I’m supposed to be, but there is simply.. nothing.. there! I’ve also got the sincere feeling that I’m locked out of other storylines.

    Do you know what might be going on?

  12. Thx a heap, worked well, would be good to mention to people to remove after completing the pirate strike as the mission to re enable it stays in the BBS,

    anyways thx a heap 😛 now to finnish this storyline

  13. i dont seem to be able to convert the file to the “.rez” format, also ambrosiasw also havnt made the converter pause at the end if it has worked so i cant tell you exactly wat is wrong, although i assume the fix just isnt compaitble :S

  14. Epic mod, finnished public figure storyline, and was going thru shadow warrior??? and died planet side on harbor, i got out fo the superzero death place, and harbor is taken by arpia, and i cant continue with the story 🙁 wat do???

  15. wow………just wow………….. after somehow having the luck of my pilot not auto load i was able to finish arpia public figure story line and just wow most epic thing i ever played may sound idoitic but i almost cryed a few times when i stop being lazy i am going to read your book great add on ^^

  16. Then I’m afraid it’s well beyond my ability to help you… All that I can suggest is that you ask for help on the EV Nova board, explaining in detail your problem. I can then bring this to the attention of Ambrosia itself, but the members of the community are usually more than competent enough to help. As for me, it’s a problem I’ve never heard about.

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