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Download the ARPIA2 plug-in for Escape Velocity Nova, version 2.2.0

A walkthrough is available in RTF format here, and a guide to The Riddle can be found here.

Arpia was devised as a simple plug-in/add-on for a game called Escape Velocity: Nova (EVN or EV:Nova for short), the third game in the Escape Velocity series of Ambrosia Software.
The storylines the player can follow had really inspired me, and so it was that I started to create a little story of my own.

ARPIA2 is a game add-on of three large storylines woven in parallel among which the player must choose.
The player fights battles, frees slaves, explores the galaxy, discovers trade, protects the human race and is part of Arpia.

Cover of Arpia
To view images from ARPIA2, you can visit the Arpia Gallery

In ARPIA2 you get to choose your path. But beware: one choice can change the future, and the future holds many surprises… Do you have what it takes?
It has always been everyone’s dream to fight off entire fleets by oneself, to become a big-time rich trader, to do covert ops and to know everyone, everywhere.
Well, here’s your chance.

Complete with stunning graphics made by incredibly talented designers (some of them actually created EVN years before, others have since then become game designers themselves or are hoping to do so), it is another way of being Arpia.

Enjoy the plug-in!

Shield add-ons for ARPIA2

ARPIA2 is compatible with ShieldBubbles and other such shield plug-ins. You may download an ARPIA2 ShieldBubbles add-on (requires 3D ShieldBubbles), or download Guy’s Shields plug-in, which includes a version for ARPIA2.

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  1. Like many others here, I can’t seem to find the wormhole in NGC-1317. I’ve removed all plugins as well. Didn’t really have much to begin with (just full screen map), but still nothing. I have a pilot log if anyone thinks they can help.

  2. ive tried to find a windows version of unity but can do you think maybe you could either find me one or adapt it for windows

  3. are there any other adaptations to the original story lines? Sorry about ll the questions I have beat the regular arpian storyline im just wondering because i am really impressed by the expansion and also are you thinking of making another one

  4. Hi Dmc, you can buy them only on Culuria and other Arpia-controlled planets/stations as the storyline progresses. Note: you’ll have access to fewer ships in the Regular storyline than in the Public Figure & Shadow Warrior storylines.

  5. Please Can you give me a start off map or some forum where i can find start off Maps for arpia?

  6. Hi Kristan, you aren’t supposed to actually anywhere in the game – just get in touch with me and let me know your thoughts.
    It’s something that is linked to the Arpia forums, so register on that and send me a private message from there.

  7. I finished the main Shadow warrıor storyline and then got what ı assume to be an extensıon or extra story lıne huntıng down the scum of the galaxy. At the end I was told to go to the system where they research the farthest lımıts of the galaxy and look for a space statıon. I was thınkıng kont but there ıs nothıng there. I have been cruısıng the galaxy for several days now tryıng all the outer rım planets and statıons but no luck. What am I doıng wrong? Help!

  8. I might add that you automatically receive a cloak in Purgatory if you don’t have one (although this additional cloak disappears after you have fled Purgatory).

  9. Hi G-Funk, yes there is a way out, there is a wormhole portal, just north east, from memory, it really helps if you have a cloak, otherwise you may not stay alive long enough to make it to the wormhole, hope this helps… Merry Christmas !

  10. During msn 974 :dogfight I landed on sol after defeating the ships there and ended up in purgatory. Is there any way out?

  11. You’re the man, Peter! I just cracked open Mission Computer before I head off to work: The Nova Control Bits only show Availability and OnSuccess modifiers. I downloaded the most recent Arpia2 from this site before I started playing again last week. I’ll try the fix when I get home from work tonight! Thank you for your time and the BEST DAMN PLUGIN EVER. Cheers.

  12. Hey, Peter! I got a serious craving for playing Arpia2 again as an Arpia Regular but I messed up Mission “Bring tech to Rebels;Arpic22” by not meeting the deadline (got greedy on everyone’s favorite Arpia trade route). Unfortunately bits b942 through b947 are currently set but not b948. I cannot move on without b948 and cannot redo the failed mission via the outfitters on Culuria with b947. Am I blind, slow, or SoL? Any thoughts, mate?

  13. Do a Google search involving some of the keywords, but you’re on the right track. Once you find the name of the research group, send me a message by e-mail or using the contact form, and include your username on the Arpia forums if you already have one.

  14. so i did start all over again and that solved the problem. as for the station of unrest “where the limits of the known universe were researched” is it Kont in Kontik?

  15. Fly towards the ” SUN “, look at the shadows on your ship, these are in the clue, go to the centre of the system, turn your ship so you have no shadows on it, go towards the Sun, and you will see the wormhole on your screen, goodluck !

  16. i have found the system from the riddle, but i can’t find whatever is supposed to be in it. i have flown all around looking for a wormhole or something, but can’t find anything. which direction is the thing i am looking for from the center of the system?

  17. hmmm. that might be it. *checks to see if he’s a knight of the red branch* yeah that must be it. i guess i’ll try to tweak the files so that it’ll appear somewhere. was it actually supposed to be in teft? thanks a lot. and i just left a comment in your thoughts on epicaricacy or however it’s spelled. thanks ^^

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