Design & development

Over the years, web design and development has gone from being an odd task to a generalised hobby and passion of mine.

I am increasingly fond of creating web tools to improve my work-flow and also try to find ways to use code to improve and aid legal work, both internally and externally, vis-à-vis the client: code allows me to provide clients with a practical illustration of how to implement certain legal principles.


Examples of software development work:

Interest Calculator
Web tool for computing interest, for practitioners of Belgian law. Published by Larcier, one of the largest legal publishers in Belgium, and integrated within its online legal database StradaLex, the Interest Calculator is used by legal practitioners (lawyers, judges, etc.) all over Belgium.
Miscellaneous projects
I have made many random websites or web apps, including: the Brick Painter (for creating blueprints for LEGO paintings), a practical guide on how to build and defend a company’s e-reputation, a newsletter editor @ Loyens & Loeff, a case law monitoring tool, a timekeeping app, a URL shortener for legal links, various websites.

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