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Who made EV Nova, and how?

EV Nova is published by Ambrosia Software of Rochester, New York in the United States. The engine was written and coded by Matt Burch, who created Escape Velocity and also designed the engine for EV Override. The scenario was designed by ATMOS Software Productions of Australia, who began Nova as a plug-in for EV Override before it was picked up by Ambrosia to publish as a new game. The port to Microsoft Windows was originally made by Contraband Entertainment. The version 1.1 update, to make EV Nova available as a Universal Binary on Macintosh computers, was developed by Ambrosia's Rudy Richter and released in December 2008.

EV Nova was written entirely in C. Resources were editted with ResEdit, using the wonderful w00tWare tools (available on Ambrosia's EV Nova Add-ons page), which were used by ATMOS Software during the development of the Nova scenario. For graphics, ATMOS used Light wave, Bryce and Adobe Photoshop for general fiddling with graphics. Nova uses the Ambrosia Monitor_Tool for monitor selection and effects, as well as the Sound_Tool for 8 channel stereo binaural sound effects.

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