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How do I make and post a pilot log?

Note for EV Nova 1.1 Mac users: there are specific pilot log instructions for Mac Nova 1.1. Please read carefully.
  • If you're not registered, you will need to do so before continuing.
  • Create an empty text file called 'pilotlog.txt', using SimpleText (Mac OS 9), TextEdit (Mac OS X), Notepad (Windows), or any other text editor. Close the file or quit the text editor before proceeding. A note for TextEdit users: Make sure TextEdit's preferences are set to save in Text format instead of it's default of RTF. Note for Windows users: in some circumstances, Windows will add '.txt' to the text file with you unawares. If 'pilotlog.txt' isn't working, try renaming it just 'pilotlog'.
  • Place this file in the same folder as the EV Nova application.
    Note for MacNova 1.1 users: the pilot log should be placed at the following place: ~/Library/Application Support/EV Nova/ ("~" represents your User folder, and you can reach this folder easily by pressing Command-Shift-G in the Finder and pasting in this path).
  • Launch EV Nova. If EV Nova is already launched, you do not need to quit and reload.
  • Load your pilot file (click 'Open Pilot' button, select the pilot you want to examine). Enter your ship and land on a planet to save.
  • View the newly updated contents of the 'pilotlog.txt' file.

  • To post, select all of the text in your pilot log and press Command-C (Mac OS) or Control-C (Windows).
  • Make a new topic on the EV Nova Board, click the 'body' field, and press Command-V (Mac OS) or Control-V (Windows).

Note for MacNova 1.1 users: if the pilot log does not work, try changing the "p" in "pilotlog.txt" to a capital "P".

(Special thanks to Slagblah.)

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