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Example usage: put in "", and get "" as a result. Choose an alias such as "alias", and your path will be "". The following websites get special links automatically:

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Note 1: websites such as the JUSTEL co-ordinated legislation website and the Belgian Official Journal do not show you the full URL. Because of the relevance and use of JUSTEL and the Moniteur belge/Belgisch Staatsblad, you may find hereunder bookmarklets that work only on the JUSTEL co-ordinated legislation website and the MB/BS website and that will determine the actual URL to be shortened (copy the link as a bookmark and you may call upon it when on JUSTEL / MB/BS): JUSTEL - Findlaw bookmarklet; MB/BS - Findlaw bookmarklet

Note 2: the philosophy is not to make urls such as but rather to already enable identification of the (kind of) document in a shorter URL than the original one. If you would rather have a truly short URL, we recommend using other services such as bitly or

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Belgian law: