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On these webboards, you will be able to discuss two plug-ins for Escape Velocity: Nova, a game published by Ambrosia Software.
ARPIA2 is a plug-in that adds three major storylines to the EVN universe, while Starfleet Adventures (hereinafter "SFA") is a "Total Conversion", replacing all elements of the stock game with elements from the Star Trek universe.
Here is some basic information on both:

  1. ARPIA2
  2. SFA


This plug-in adds 3 new major storylines to EV Nova, woven in parallel. Have you ever wanted to play the regular member, not the public figure? Or the person who stays in the shadows? In ARPIA2 you get to choose your path. But beware: one choice can change the future, and the future holds many surprises... Do you have what it takes?

At first, it is a new system made available once you get to know Arpia (if you succeed in finding it). It soon becomes a gold mine for new ships and outfits. Though that is not the only gold mine. Due to this new application of their properties, the market in Gwaark Bacteria has taken massive proportions, and there is money in it...

It has always been everyone’s dream to fight off entire fleets by oneself, to become a big-time rich trader, to do covert ops and to know everyone, everywhere. Well, here’s your chance.

You can download ARPIA2 here, and a walkthrough is available in RTF format here (walkthrough also included in the download package).
If you wish to have a glimpse at what ARPIA2 looks like, visit the image gallery.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Q: Where are the new systems?
    A: Get the first mission, and start the story.
  • Q: How do I get the first mission?
    A: Read the Walkthrough.
  • Q: I have started the story but still can’t find the systems. Where are they?
    A: Continue the story. You’ll get to it at some point...
  • Q: I can’t figure out the riddle! OMG, what am I going to do??
    A: First, keep calm. Secondly, take each step at a time by reading the whole clue (a clue is a paragraph). Thirdly, each answer to the clue will help you for the next one, and some clues help you for the previous one(s). Last of all, make sure you don’t forget the very last paragraph. It contains the details about the system itself, and about how to find the "key" inside it...
  • Q: Hm... still don’t manage.
    A: Here’s my big tip: try to work out the riddle with a map open in front of your eyes.
  • Q: Argh! Still not managing.
    A: A step-by-step guide to solving the riddle is available here.
  • Q: I figured out the answer, but nothing happens. Nothing is present in the system in question. What’s wrong?
    A: Inside the door, you shall find the key... Look in the right place, that’s all.


In Starfleet Adventures, you play a Starfleet officer graduating as a lieutenant jr. grade at the top of your class from Starfleet Academy and given the job of serving as Helmsman and First Officer to the Hermes class Scout ship U.S.S. Topeka.
As you progress in your career as a Starfleet officer, you will be offered a variety of missions that will increase your reputation and, eventually, rank in Starfleet. With each increase in rank comes greater command opportunities and increasingly dangerous missions.

A full overview of SFA can be found here.

A list of frequently asked questions has been compiled and can be found on the SFA website.
As SFA is still a work-in-progress, we strongly recommend either monitoring the SFA news page, or the SFA public board.

IntroductionARPIA2 and SFARegisteringLogging InProfilePostingPersonal MessageSearching
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