Arpia Gallery

The following are images taken from the ARPIA2 plug-in, save for the map, which is for the novels only (a full-sized version of this map can be found here).
Planet graphics were made by Joe (“Requiem”), Ed Paget (“Darth Bob”) and Greg Haworth (“Insomniac”); all outfit and weapon graphics (including the artificial arm) were made by Jonas Waage ("Modesty Blaise"). Ship graphics were made by Dafydd Williams ("pipeline"), Philip Chick ("pstan"), Stephen Chick ("-8-") and Jonas Waage ("Modesty Blaise"). The LEGO versions of the Arpian fighters were made by PiSketch.
Note: some of the ship images are available as desktop pictures. Browse the list found here to find a ship and size of your liking.


Bulk Freighter   Bulk Freighter   Subarashii   Subarashii   Illyana   Illyana   Hayai   Akarui   Sylvatha   Sylvatha   Carachnor   Carachnor   Fighter Lego   Fighter Lego


Culuria   Culuria   UVP-018   UVP-018   Nova Bruocsella   Nova Bruocsella   Planet Hogun


Hogun alien sketch   Artificial arm   Map of the Absolem Constitutor   McGrawly nebula   Arpian cloak   Stingray Laser   400mm turret   Utilities Kit   Holo-Map   Anti-missile turret   ReSpectre Generator   Torpedo Launcher   Kristala Reactor   NuGen Integration

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