Nineteen Times

Nineteen Times evolved from a basic lyric (see below) to a musical playground, with drums contributed by my brother Philip, and my first bass line in a while. When I got my new guitar, I also had to add something for it. I quite like the end-result.


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I’m not yours and you’re not mine
Still we see each other all the time
Didn’t think about it, it’s just our way of life

One good night, woke up with a start
Rhythmic beat a’drummin’ in my heart
Nineteen days later, it still hasn’t stopped

Nineteen times I’ve begged of you
To get out from inside of my mind
Nineteen times you’ve ignored my plea
Oh what’s to become of me?

One week later and the damage is done
After I tried to kiss you in the morning sun
Failed attempt on my part, but my intentions were clear

Twenty-six times I’ve begged of you
To invade my heart and my mind
Till today I didn’t know it’s true
Tell me what I am to do?

’Cause I didn’t ask for this, I never planned it so
It’s just like fate to play her tricks on me
I’ll agree to take it back but cannot if I’m lacking an answer
What do you want of me?

Nineteen times I’ve begged of you
To get out from inside of my mind
Nineteen times you’ve ignored my plea
Oh what’s to become of me?

2 thoughts on “Nineteen Times”

  1. Dear Peter,

    I do not know if you have already recorded your beautiful music perfumed with such profound poetry but may I kindly ask you to add Nineteen Times on the CD as well as the following pieces that are “engraved for eternity” on my MP3: Souvenirs, Somewhere, Why does the wind never falter and River song. I like the text of Nineteen Times very much but my pc does not permit me to listen to your music (Quick Time has suddenly disappeared ). Please feel free to add other pieces. It is always a gift to discover your delicate compositions. I know three composers (in Leuven – in Brussels – in Vienna) and honestly your compositions are the best: refined, full of harmony, full of emotions and poetry and filled with pure honesty. Thank you wholeheartedly!

    Sometimes there is so much we want to say and to express to make other people happy but the actual society where we live in and the created mentality do not permit it. We live in a strange world and even if we try to improve the world every day little by little it will always be an unfinished symphony.

    I should be sleeping by now but I feel deeply sad … der Abschied fällt mir schwer.

    May you always be surrounded by kind and good people, by happinness and success.

    Alles Gute für Ihren weiteren Lebensweg!

    Kind greetings,


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