Over The Rainbow

Over the Rainbow seems to have become a favourite for many people I know, and I must admit I don’t really know why. It’s a recent song, and I "premiered" it at the Student Business Forum in Lausanne. To my surprise, it became my top song for a dozen people who had never heard me play before.

And I’ve been told that the lyrics are beautiful. Yours to find out.

It was inspired by many things, most notably the Disney song "Beauty & the Beast", Van Halen’s "Jump" (well, subconsciously – I don’t have the song, but realised something in my song sounded familiar) and Paul McCartney’s "Figure of Eight".


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Never there before
For everyone to see
Gliding through the breeze
Over the rainbow

It tears off from the pack
And skims delightfully
Dancing in the rain
Forever (and ever) higher

For where the heavens part
The sun melts Its heart
And as infinity lies beyond
It rises on and on

A disc of darkness comes
The sun backs off to flee
Until all that remains
Is a girdle of fire

Imagine such a fright
As It falls down to the sea
It pulls up just in time
Cursing the skyline

But then the heavens part
Light heals Its heart
The gloom of death is gone
And so our good friend carries on
Going beyond
Swimming in daylight

Still the pack is one
They stand in unity
But as they see Its glee
They cannot help but wonder in awe

Stopping in Its tracks
It calls its family
It knows the light will be
A friend in the future

The youngest one takes off
Flying rapidly
It feels the need to breathe
The joy of Its lover above the rainbow

Sons of pixie dust
Daughters of the stars
Never there again to be

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