Somewhere was composed the week after the Student Business Forum (the lyrics were written on the train going to university).

This song was meant to build on the style in which Over the Rainbow was written, but turned out rather different that expected (in a positive way).

At least, I finally have a song that was inspired by my favourite "An American Tail" song, Somewhere Out There (one of the most charming songs I know).

And it has the word "embargo" in its lyrics.


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As I looked out the window
Noticed that all was still
Still as the river flows
Still as the winter knows

I’d never seen an angel
I’ve never seen a ghost
I was afraid of the darkness
Now I am scared of it all

Somewhere there’s a star
And it shines on me
Lifting the embargo
On my needs

Till I found the star
Words didn’t mean a thing
I was alone, apart
At least I knew where I stood

Now that time is gone
For the first time I fear
I fear tomorrow and
I fear I’m confused

I think I’ve seen an angel
And I just want to know
Know where the river flows
Know why I feel no lows

Somewhere not that far
Somewhere there’s a star

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