Sun & Cloud

The music for Sun & Cloud is far older than its lyrics, though I couldn’t date them precisely. I rediscovered them on a disquette, and watching the weather outside on a beautiful Easter afternoon, I found a subject I believe fits with the music.

I don’t understand some parts of the lyrics, but it certainly is my most metaphorical song in a while.

Some of the melody was inspired by the song Burn And Fade Away by Vega 4.


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Sun and cloud stand high and proud
Giants locked in an eternal struggle and thus it remains
The sun wants to shine
But clouds like to reign

Sun and cloud have fought both hard and loud
Memories of an unchanging horizon have long returned to dust
What made it so bad?
Could it be our loss?

I have seen both sides and it seems
that never again do they wish
days together

Now don’t worry my friend

Sun and cloud, their fight was never allowed
They have torn the skies in murderous fashion just for displays of might
Come down with the rain
And with the light

I look here below and what do I see?
I can breathe and the grass and trees are green
Their struggle for pow’r
Has brought me life

Gone days of work as a team
Sun and cloud are foes
And till the end they’ll strive for the gold
Yet apart

Sun and cloud, you have fought both hard and loud
Titans poised high and proud
Memories no better
Than fights together

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