"When you find the North Star,

seek the nearby entrance to the wide deserted territory of its enemy,
often mistaken for its younger brother though it is far older.

When the beginning of a name comes by that of grace,
there will be many doors where the secret keyhole could lie,
and you shall have to choose among their differences.

The true door represents the loss of innocence,
And by the rising sun shall you find what you seek."

This guide will hopefully enable you to solve the riddle should it prove too hard, or should you wish to find the answer in an easier fashion.
All hints are in white against a white background, so if you want to cheat and find the answer straight away, scroll to the bottom. But if you want to at least try, proceed question by question, and highlight one line at a time.

Question: First, what is the North Star?
Hint (highlight): Think in terms of today. What do we call the North Star?
Additional hint: Google is your friend, astronomy books are as well.
Answer: Polaris.

Question: Second, what is the enemy of this North Star?
Hint: Think from a Federation officer's point of view. What race looks like a brother of the Polaris?
Additional hint: What looks like a nearby 'wide, deserted territory' on the map?
Answer: Wraith.

Okay, now, you have an idea of the general area where to look. Right?

Question: What is the beginning of grace?
Hint: Think in terms of rebuses and crosswords: "beginning of grace". Next question: What is then the beginning of a name?
Answer: N + G.

[explanation of "there will be many doors where the secret keyhole could lie, and you shall have to choose among their differences": this is just a clue to show that there are many answers to the "when the beginning..." clue]

Question: What is the loss of innocence?
Hint: What is considered to be innocence itself, to be innocent?
Additional hint: What group of humans is generally considered innocent?
Next question: When then does man lose his innocence?
Answer: Adolescence.

So, what is the final answer?

Look at the map: Polaris + entry to Wraith territory. N+G. Teenagers.
Nothing strikes you?
That's it, numbers!
Still don't get it?
Ok, think in terms of age. What age group does the term "teenager" point to?


Okay, it's NGC-1317.