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Welcome to the Starfleet Adventures Website!

A new Public Alpha is now available! Visit News for details.

This is the Official site for Uncle Twitchy's upcoming TC for Ambrosia's hit game Escape Velocity: Nova. Get your fill of SFA here:
  • Main - View current and archived news, get a basic overview of the projcet, find out how to get more info about SFA, download SFA releases (as they become publicly available), and view our links.
  • About SFA - Everything you'd want to know about the SFA TC, from the storyline to weapons and outfits.
  • Gallery - Go here to view images of the ships and screenshots from SFA as well as the popular Bloopers Reel.
  • FAQs - Get your questions about SFA answered here. Questions left unanswered? Then submit your own question to us.
  • About Us - About those involved in both the TC and this site as well as contact information.
Have fun exploring the site! We hope that you can get all your questions answered or SFA needs fufilled through this site. See the contact page in About Us for information about how to contact us. Good SFAing!

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