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The Storyline

These are the voyages...

While Uncle Twitchy has been stingy on revealing the storylines he has intended for Starfleet Adventures, he has let a few hints leak out:
  • There are at least two or three threads involving the Klingons, two or three involving the Romulans, one involving both, and at least one or two for each of the other major races (Cardassian, Gorn, Tholians, and the Orion Pirates).
  • There are mission strings involving flying stolen Klingon and Romulan ships, so Uncle Twitchy has created special Klingon and Romulan interfaces for these ships
  • There is a time-travel mission string which features a cameo from a character from TNG.
  • There are missions involving a Harry Mudd/Cyrano Jones/Outrageous Okana-type civilian rogue.
  • There are missions involving museum ships of the NX-01and Daedalus classes.
  • There is a mission thread involving something that Uncle Twitchy calls simply TGSB, which he assures is something to fear.
  • The Alien Probe from Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home (and which Uncle Twitchy refers to as The Giant Squealing Tootsie Roll) was modeled.
  • It has been suggested that you may help smooth relations between the Federation and the Klingon Empire by participating in the Klingons' "Great Tribble Hunt."
  • There are missions that promise to involve "exploration, several involving diplomatic missions, [and] several involving cryptic alien entities."

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