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Like the standard EVN scenario, missions in Starfleet Adventures are of two types -- those offered by the Mission Computer (in SFA renamed the Ready Room) and those storyline missions that are offered once certain situations happen and conditions are met.

Ready Room Missions

The types of missions offered in the Ready Room are based on the type of ship you are commanding -- transports such as the Ptolemy, Hensley and Shelley class vessels obviously get the standard cargo runs and convoy missions. Scout ships and Explorers receive Survey Planet and Deliver/Pickup Science Team missions. Frigates and Destroyers get the Escort Convoy/Diplomat, Intercept and Patrol missions. Cruisers get all but the cargo runs. All ships are offered the "Deliver Admiral/Commodore/Dignitary" missions.

It's important to know that occasionally storyline missions will start by what appear to be standard Ready Room missions.

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