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The sheer number of canon, semi-canon, and non-canon ships in SFA is staggering. Every ship seen in the original series, virtually every ship seen in the movies (some of the obscure background ships inside the Spacedock in ST III & IV are not in the plug), and plenty of ships -- both Starfleet and alien -- from Star Trek's various spin-off series are represented. As SFA spans over thirty years of Star Trek continuity, through the use of crön resources and OnAppear mission bits, SFA presents a dynamic, evolving universe where ships are brought into and out of commission and gameplay as time passes.

The ships seen in Starfleet Adventures are as follows:


These are the ships that you will be given the opportunity to command:
  • Hermes class: Scout ship. The first vessel assigned to you is of this class. Seen throughout the galaxy.
  • Saladin class: Destroyer. A lightweight combat vessel mostly used as a border patrol ship.
  • Ranger class: Light Cruiser. This semi-canon vessel served as the primary Starfleet cruiser for forty years until the commission of the Constitution class.
  • Miranda class: Frigate. Primarily a combat vessel, the Miranda class is fast, maneuverable, and packs quite a punch.
  • Constitution class: Heavy Cruiser. Starfleet's finest, the flagship of the fleet.
  • Ptolemy class: Freighter. Cargo hauler for heavy cargo runs -- comes with modular cargo pods.
  • Type 6 Shuttle: As seen on TOS, this escape ship is available on all pre-refit-era ships.
  • Oberth class: Scout. This small scoutship, first seen in Star Trek III: The Search for Spock, will be used as a survey vessel all the way into the mid-24th century. Not a combat vessel.
  • Eagle class: Scout. The non-canon refit version of the Hermes class, with upgraded weapons, shields and engines.
  • Constantine class: Destroyer. The canon refit version of the Saladin class.
  • Miranda class Refit: Frigate. As seen in the movie Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan, this ship will see service all the way into the 24th century with good reason.
  • Soyuz class: Scout. A variant of the Miranda with fewer weapons and enhanced sensor pods for deepspace scientific missions.
  • Constitution class Refit: Heavy Cruiser. Uncle Twitchy's favorite ship in all of Star Trek.
  • Constellation class: Explorer. Though we first saw this ship as Jean-Luc Picard's command, the Stargazer, it was in service during Kirk's time. It was primarily used for long, deep space exploration missions, but is more than capable of taking care of itself.
  • Hensley class: Freighter. A non-canon freighter meant to replace the Ptolemy class.
  • Type 7 Shuttle: As seen on Star Trek V: The Final Frontier,, this escape ship is available on all post-refit-era ships.
  • Excelsior class: Explorer. This ship, first seen in Star Trek III: The Search for Spock, will continue to be a mainstay in Starfleet's complement well into the 24th century. You will have the opportunity to fly them when they represent the greatest ship Starfleet's engineers can imagine.
  • Centaur class: Scout. Taking the place of the Eagle class, the Centaur was first seen during the Dominion War of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. Since it's clearly of the same design lineage of the Excelsior, it's included here.
  • Leavenworth class: Frigate. A non-canon, Excelsior-lineage ship designed to eventually (but unsuccessfully) replace the Miranda class.
  • Shelley class: Carrier. This ship, first seen during the Dominion War of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, is intended as the Excelsior-lineage ships' version of the Ptolemy or Hensley classes.

In addition, there are a number of ships the Federation uses (or has used in the past) that are not available to command but are there for flavor:
  • NX class: The infamous vessel of Star Trek: Enterprise is a museum ship seen only in storyline missions and ship graveyards.
  • Daedalus class: Early Federation explorer seen only in storyline missions and ship graveyards.
  • Carthage class: Cargo Hauler. A contemporary ship with the Ranger class, now primarily automated.
  • Travel Pod: Small shuttles used for interplanetary transport.
  • Workbee: Small shuttles used for interplanetary ship maintenance. They come with both the grapple arms and without.
  • Federation class: Dreadnaught. A failed experiment, seen in high-combat areas during the TOS era of the plug. Not offered to players except through mission strings.
  • Sydney class: Personnel Transport. The Starfleet equivalent to a passenger liner.
  • Raven class: This small survey vessel is used primarily by civilians.


The Federation is not just Starfleet, and there are a number of other civilian ships seen throughout Federation space.
  • DY-100 class Cargo Ship Used in the pre-warp days of interstellar space colonization, now seen in museums, ship graveyards, and specific storyline missions ("Botany Bay? Oh no!").
  • DY-500 class Cargo Ship Used in the pre- and early-warp days of interstellar space colonization, now automated cargo carriers.
  • J-class Cargo Ship First seen on ENT.
  • Y-class Cargo Ship First seen on ENT.
  • Aurora class Civilian Transport Seen in the TOS episode "Way To Eden," these ships are owned by private citizens.
  • Calypso class Civilian Scout Seen in the TAS episode "More Tribbles, More Troubles," these ships are owned by entrepreneurs such as Cyrano Jones.
  • Defender class Andorian Battleship First seen on ENT, these ships were the mainstay of the Andorian fleet, and are now used as escorts of civilian cargo caravans.
  • Hauler class Tellarite Freighters These non-canon Tellarite vessels are well-protected and used both as cargo ships and pirate vessels.
  • Merchantman class Freighters First seen on ST III, these lightly-defended ships are used by private mercantilers.
  • Antaresclass Cargo Ship These cargo ships will be in use all the way through to the 24th century.
  • Whorfin class Transport First seen on Star Trek: Generations.


The ships of the Klingon Empire -- in this era, the Klingons are Starfleet's fiercest enemies, and these ships are quite formidable opponents.
  • D-5 class Frigate First seen on ENT.
  • Raptor class Scout First seen on ENT.
  • D-6 class Battleship First seen on ENT.
  • D-7 class Battlecruiser The classic Klingon vessel and the workhorse of their fleet.
  • K'Tinga class Battleship The movie-era refit of the D-7 -- some have cloaking devices.
  • B'rel class Bird of Prey First seen in ST III.
  • K'Vort class Bird of Prey
  • Tepkengwi class Cargo Hauler First seen on ENT.
  • T'ongduj class Carrier Non-canon cargo ship.
  • Tach'negh class Freighter First seen on DS9.


The formidable fleet of the Romulan Star Empire:
  • Talon class Battleship Inspired by a design by Trek modelmaker Greg Jein.
  • Bird of Prey class The classic TOS-era Romulan ship. Beware its cloaking device and plasma weapon.
  • D-7 class Battlecruiser The Romulan/Klingon technology exchange gave the Klingons the cloaking device and the Romulans new engineering principles. These D-7s have Romulan weapons and the cloaking device.
  • Bird of Vengeance class The non-canon first ship the Romulans build after studying Klingon engineering. Designed as a contemporary of the Cosntitution refit
  • Bird of Stealth class Non-canon contemporary of the Excelsior class.
  • Shalimar class Type I Warbird This non-canon ship is the first bridge between the movie and TNG eras -- this ship only shows up in storyline missions towards the end.
  • Cargo Hauler: Non-canon Romulan cargo ship.


The Cardassian Union is barely a threat to the Federation in SFA, which is why Kirk never mentioned them. But they learn quickly...
  • Chin'toka class Scout Non-canon scout ship.
  • Battleship Non-canon combat vessel, contemporary of the Constitution refit.
  • Freighter First seen on DS9.


We never saw the Gorn ship Captain Kirk chased in the TOS episode "Arena," but these ships were inspired by designs for the game Starfleet Command:
  • Light Cruiser Non-canon frigate.
  • Heavy Cruiser Non-canon combat vessel.
  • Freighter Non-canon cargo vessel.


Many of the Federation members have their own ship designs. The Vulcans are among them.
  • Suurok class Cruiser: First seen in ENT as a deep-space cruiser.
  • D'Kyr class Light Cruiser: First seen in ENT as a patrol ship.
  • Warp Shuttle First seen in Star Trek: The Motion Picture.
  • T'Pau class Transport: First seen in TNG as a long-out-of-service transport vessel.


The enigmatic Tholians are well-represented in SFA, as Uncle Twitchy was always very fond of them.
  • Interceptor class Patrol ship: First seen in ENT.
  • Webspinner class Light Cruiser: First seen in TOS in the classic episode "The Tholian Web."
  • Striker class Heavy Cruiser: Non-canon contemporary of the Constitution Refit.


The Orion pirates were always a constant threat in the original series, and the Orion Syndicate was a thorn in the Federation's side in DS9.
  • Orion Blockade Runner: Ostensibly a civilian ship, and often seen flown by other species.
  • Orion Marauder: Pirate ship first seen in the TOS episode "Journey to Babel."

First Federation

From the classic TOS episode (the first regular episode of the series filmed) "The Corbomite Maneuver" comes the First Federation, starring Balok, the kid who drinks tranya. Uncle Twitchy loves this episode and did not love modeling the ship. Their homeworld has not yet been found.
  • First Federation Vessel: Giant christmas tree light-covered ball you don't want to mess with.
  • First Federation Pilot Vessel: A couple of the lights off the big ball, and just as powerful.
  • First Federation Beacon: The first indication you are in the First Federation region of space. They are tenacious but harmless if you don't attack them.


The Ferengi were officially first contacted by the Federation in the TNG episode "The Last Outpost." But, since their area of space is close to the Federation, their ship are present, and they simply have very powerful weapons and are more agressive than you would expect. If you survive an encounter with these ships, consider yourself lucky.
  • Ferengi Scrounger: Small, fast, deadly non-canon scout ship.
  • Ferengi Scavanger: Non-canon light cruiser.


The Bajorans are, theoretically, only capable of sub-light travel at this point in Star Trek history. However, Uncle Twitchy has bent canon a little bit to provide the Bajorans with a little bit of space of their own to make them appetizing for the future Cardassians.
  • Bajoran Sailship: Sub-light solar sail ship which predates the plug by a couple of centuries.
  • Bajoran Interceptor: System-wide interceptor ship.
  • Bajoran Freighter: Weak cargo ship.


First encountered in the TNG episode "Suddenly Human," the Talarians are possibly an offshoot of the Klingons -- similar makeup and society suggested this to Uncle Twitchy -- the Talarians have a hostile attitude towards the Federation but hardly the military muscle to back it up. Nevertheless, they should be treated with caution.
  • Talarian Scout: Small, fast, deadly scout ship.
  • Talarian Cruiser: Medium-sized battleship.
  • Talarian Freighter: Freighter used by a variety of alien races throughout the galaxy.


The Tzenkethi of DS9 were supposed to be the Kzinti from the animated series episode "The Slaver Weapon," adapted by Larry Niven from his short story "The Soft Weapon." Since Niven owns the copyright to the Kzinti, the DS9 writers changed the name, but Uncle Twitchy has kept them basically the same -- fierce humanoid tiger-like creatures who tend to attack before they're ready.
  • Tzenkethi Scout Non-canon.
  • Tzenkethi Cruiser Non-canon.
  • Tzenkethi Freighter Non-canon.


By the first season TNG episode "Haven," the Tarellians had destroyed themselves in a biological plague that made them a scourge throughout the Alpha Quadrant. Here, they have not yet destroyed themselves.
  • Tarellian Destroyer Later, these ships will haul their plague-carrying refugees throughout the galaxy.
  • Tarellian Freighter Seen throughout the galaxy and used by a variety of different races.

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