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About Our Monkey

Taken from the old site:

denki done be that thar [old] web designy guy. denki knows th[e old] website is graphically lacking, but its a FAQ fer goshsakes. denki did the [old] graphics, and denki's proud that until the screenshots got uploaded the entire [old] site was below 100k of space (hooray for gifs! the screenshots added 1.2 megs). denki is not happy of that cat that attempts to foil denkis' typing by sitting on the keyboard or playing with denkis fingers (while typing). denki enjoys parasailing, long walks on the beach, and dorking it up a notch. denkis' other activites include making music, djing, web and graphic design, drinking sake, new age buccaneering (pirating), videogames, and samsara (the buddhist rebirth cycle; denki's never going to acheive enlightenment, denki eats many meat and really, really likes material goods). denkis' other website exists here (will open in new window), and is good. denki is also a robot [monkey], hence the third person perspective while talking and the lack of capitalization.

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