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About The Previous Webmaster

Vince "Pougan" Paulson was the webmaster of this beautiful site until recently. Pougan was a college student at The Ohio State University pursuing a BS in Computer Science. He worked at the Student Affairs Support Center at OSU, but now works for Syrus Restaurant Information Services in Columbus, OH. Interests include Video Games, Computer Games, Computers, Programming (BASIC, Visual Basic, C, C++, PHP), Web Design, TV, Star Trek/SciFi, hanging out, and wife - not particularly in that order. Visit his personal site - - for more information.

About The New Webmaster

Peter "Pace" Craddock is the new webmaster, and hopes to be able to walk in Vince's footsteps (for a little while at least).
Pace is most well-known among the EV Nova community for his ARPIA2 plug-in, associating "new" graphic designers and the ATMOS graphic designers (who made EVN) and introducing three new storylines to the Novaverse. He is currently studying Law for his Masters degree at the Université Catholique de Louvain in Belgium, taking his lecture notes on his beautiful and hyper-customised MacBook.
Peter is a fanatic of Apple, British English, Britishness, gentlemanliness, novel writing (he is writing Arpia novels and a near-future sci-fi detective story), Paul McCartney and the Beatles, ...

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