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sfa_teaser.sit.hqx - "This plug allows you to create a new pilot that can fly a 'Constitution' class starship and fight Klingon D-7s and Romulan Birds of Prey from the original Star Trek series, to give you a tiny, tiny taste of what the upcoming Starfleet Adventures TC is like. This will not allow you to play the standard Nova scenario, nor is it compatible with other plugs. For Macintosh -- Windows users will need to convert the file."

Alpha 0.5.0
Public alpha 0.5.0 - This public alpha of Starfleet Adventures, version 0.5.0 (102.94 MB, zipped), is intended to allow players to download SFA and reap the fruits of UncleTwitchy's work while waiting for us to complete SFA.

See the news section for more details.

SFA is currently still in its Alpha stages. Once it is finished, it will be available to download.

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