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Forums - This is the official forum on the forums for Starfleet Adventures. Discuss SFA here and read other's comments.
Progress Log - This is the official Progress Log for Starfleet Adventures maintained by SFA's creator, Uncle Twitchy. Get the latest information regarding SFA's progression here.
Know Bugs List - This is where UT posts all the bugs that he is currently aware of. If you are a alpha/beta tester, go here before posting any bugs you find to avoid duplicates. If not, visit here to read about the ever flucuating bugs that UT is fighting with.
Old SFA Site - This is the old SFA site which this site is replacing. Denki is the webmonkey. Not sure how much longer it will stay up though.

EV Nova
AmbrosiaSW - This is the website for Ambrosia Software - the company responcible for the EV series. Click here for the EV Nova page. Links for Downloads, the Webboard, Add-ons, Links, and much more can be found there.

Star Trek
Star Trek Home - Home of Star Trek.
Star Trek Australia - Great Star Trek site with a huge collection of ship meshes and textures which is ever-expanding.
Ex Astris Scientia - Site devoted to canon Star Trek lore. This website is one of the major sources for Uncle Twitchy's ship research.
Neutral Zone Star Ship Database - One of the main canon sources for Starship information used by Uncle Twitchy in preparing SFA.
The Guardian of Forever - Website dedicated to capturing screen shots and photos of canon starships in the Star Trek universe. Instrumental reference material for SFA.
Sector 001 - Excellent canon research source, with most entries cut-and-pasted from the Star Trek Encyclopedias.
Spike's Star Trek Site - Another excellent source of Trek research.
Star Trek Dimension - Cartography - Site which served as the main inspiration for Uncle Twitchy's first map of the Trek universe until the Star Charts book by Geoffrey Mandel (which also lists this site among its sources) was published. - Community built Star Trek database - Exactly what the title suggests. Has potential, but is woefully incomplete in a number of areas.

Apple Computer - Website of Apple Computer, the wonderful company that has been bringing us the Macintosh line of computers since 1984 as well as many other great products such as the iPod.
Pete's Compendium of Knowledge - Uncle Twitchy's homepage on his iMac at home. Run by Uncle Twitchy's old high school buddy Pete, this is not a Compendium of Knowledge whatsoever. What it is is a creative outlet for a group of highly literate, cynical, witty people scattered throughout the globe who heap lots of verbal abuse on each other for amusement. Fun words games as well.
zap2vap - This is Pougan's Website. Has been neglected as of late due to the development of the SFA site. Visit here for everything Pougan!
Pougan's Journal - Pougan had kept a journal on his own website, but after months of not working on it, he decided to just create one at Visit here to find out all the happenings (well, most) in teh_poug's life.
> Segmentation Fault_ - This is Pougan's newly released webcomic. It stars himself and his supergenius friend, Jacob. The strips will be released on an every-other-day schedule and the first one is now available! Visit now and let the hilarity ensue. - Software company comprised of Pougan and a few friends. The SFA site,, and Pougan's Website are all developed under the TreeStump name. Also have created a program called BadCaps which can turn the CapsLock key off as well as some other features. Visit for more details. - Free Web Hosting solution. 40MBs of webspace, 500MBs of bandwidth per month, and completely ad-free! Sign-up now! NOTE: Website has been experiencing difficulties as of late.
Mac Game Files - Great site full of game downloads from demos to patches and freeware to shareware.

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