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Recent News

Welcome back, captain (public alpha)
Pace | 26 Jan 09 @ 12:22pm GMT
Friends, pilots, captains, welcome.

I am proud to present a work of art, still truly unfinished, but far more polished than the last time it was publicly available.
Of course, I speak of UncleTwitchy's masterpiece, which he entrusted to a number of members of the Nova community when he found he could no longer continue toiling day and night on this project.

Since the last public alpha years ago, the list of features has not grown significantly. No storyline missions are included, and combat missions have still not been included either.
For this, I must take much of the blame: had I set to work earlier, you would have in this alpha the Orion storyline which was written by astor, one of our most active contributors in the past year.
At least we hope that this release will renew motivation among us all for this project of great scope, thus allowing us to complete what remains to be done.

What has been done, then?
The achieved work has mainly concerned completing unfinished aspects of SFA, and eliminating bugs that caused trouble to the players.
We believe that we have ironed out many if not most of the bugs reported during the last public alpha, and many unfinished descriptions and missions have been completed. It has been a work without huge visible changes, notably due to our lack of adding a storyline. But if you start playing Starfleet Adventures and remember trying out the previous public alpha, you may notice that the slight changes are many.

Why a new public alpha?
There have been many enquiries as to the status of SFA. We have been been elusive on the matter, but it is our desire to let you reap the fruit of the great bug reporting many testers did over the past years.
Also, this enables newer EV Nova players to play in the Star Trek universe. After all, without new players to discover it, Starfleet Adventures would amount to nothing.

What if you encounter problems?
A new SFA public board has been created to allow you to discuss SFA, post bugs, request changes, pour your praise on the creators, write hate messages (well, those might be moderated), ...
As centralised information is easier to monitor than diffused information, we would be grateful if you could post all these things in said forum. I, for one, shall keep an eye on this webboard, but cannot guarantee I shall see and read all SFA-related topics.
Registration is optional, one might add.

Where can it be downloaded?
You can download Starfleet Adventures directly from this link: download Starfleet Adventures, version 0.5.0 (102.94 MB, zipped).
If there is a heavy traffic load, please try later (we have no idea how many people will wish to download this). If errors stop you from obtaining a full download, please let me know.
I shall add a link to a mirror if need be.

On behalf of the entire team, I therefore wish you an enjoyable flight and (re)discovery of an entire galaxy.

Welcome to the Starfleet Adventures.
Where We Are Now - 2008 update (finally)
Pace | 22 May 08 @ 7:24am GMT
We haven't made another public alpha available, I'm afraid, because we haven't made all that much progress. The reasons are multiple, but I'll be the first to admit I've had other projects that took priority over SFA.

What has been done: lots of bug-fixing (I'm very proud of that), completion of all officer dëscs, completion of all "transport dignitary" missions, …

But what was truly missing from SFA were the storylines.
Fortunately enough for us, astor, a big Star Trek and SFA fan, joined the team, and he has been doing a great job (when not overwhelmed with RealLife™ ) at producing dëscs for missions.
So while we are not many to be active (astor is the only one to have made any contribution in the past months), it is still being worked on.

As I told the SFA team, if I don't fail a single exam in June, I'll be free to work on SFA in August. This will be a good moment for me to finally get back in the game.
Re-resurrected and updated!
Pace | 13 Oct 07 @ 4:23pm GMT
Hi, I'm Peter Craddock, and you may remember me from such plug-ins as Arpia1 and ARPIA2. End of Simpsons spoof.

You may have noticed that a good three years are missing in this "News" section.
This is due to a bunch of webhosting and backup problems (related to, eternallightstudios and whatnot), and basically, this version is the latest backup Pougan (the previous webmaster) had.

So… what has happened in those three years?
You are no doubt aware of a bunch of the news in question: there was a "one-day download", which was followed by an "indefinite temporary download", which was then pulled down by Uncle Twitchy. This happened when UT was feeling particularly distant from SFA development, and understandably so.

This is where UT contacted Dr. Trowel, and a team was formed.
After that, "died", and since then we've been pretty much without a real public voice.

So… here's a little news update to let you know what has been going on behind the scenes.

First off, Uncle Twitchy hasn't bailed on you. Indeed, he is still there, our spiritual guide and mentor. He watches on us as we sometimes work on his awe-inspiring Total Conversion (whenever we feel like it or have the time). Just so you know, he is there, and so you can still look up to him as the maker of SFA.

Secondly, what has this new team achieved since its formation about a year ago?
The truth is that we're not all that much closer to completion. Yes, I believe we've achieved lots, but you might not be able to appreciate it as much. Here's a list of things done anyway: all officer descriptions are done, lots of bugs have been fixed, some missions have been completed, blablabla. We've also added a couple of small changes to this or that. You'll notice them when you get your hands on a copy of the latest SFA.
While we're speaking of this work, I'd like to applaud those who have done so much: UT, Dr. Trowel and the rest of the team (I've no idea who remains anonymous for now in the eyes of the public, but those who have contributed will know I'm talking about them).

So… where does this leave us all?

The idea is that we're approaching (slowly but surely?) the next public alpha release. Beta status will follow at some point, as storylines start to be worked on.
Yes, you read me right.
Public alpha.
Keep your eyes open, dear SFA fanatics, because we don't know how "soon" that might be. But we'll let you know.
Chugging along
Pougan | 20 Dec 04 @ 6:50pm GMT
Alrighty, the Gallery is now working again. Sorry for any inconvenience that you may experienced during this trying time wink.
FTP Woes
Pougan | 19 Nov 04 @ 7:28pm GMT
There appears to be a few problems with the site. Namely, the gallery section is broken for some reason. I'd look into it, but ELS had a little problem where all FTP accounts were removed. Xerex fixed it, but I don't know the password anymore and Xerex said he wouldn't be around for a while. Hense, the site is stuck as it is for now. Once I get in contact with Xerex, I'll fix it. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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