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Uncle Twitchy's Posts

Littler Things
UncleTwitchy | 20 Apr 04 @ 2:04pm GMT
I keep adding things to the FAQ page. I begin to wonder if anyone reads it.
Minor Additions
UncleTwitchy | 25 Mar 04 @ 9:37pm GMT
Added a few new questions and answers to the FAQ, as well as cleaned up the occasional grammatical faux pas. I'll be adding the mesh author list to the Thanks section in About Us soon.
UncleTwitchy | 05 Mar 04
I've been adding just preliminary text in various locations. Eventually, there'll be more thorough examinations of these things -- or not. Most of my recent additions have been in the About SFA subsections.
FAQ Page Started
UncleTwitchy | 26 Feb 04
Well, after a shaky start and my amazing ability to screw up HTML coding, Pougan's wizardry notwithstanding, I finally got a few questions and answers on the FAQ section started. I'll tackle the About SFA section soon.

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