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Losin' it - Blaster Happy

Submited on 01 May 04 @ 5:21pm GMT


Fleet Cmdr: Captain Kirk, what exactly are you doing in Romulan space?
Kirk: I...uh...was about to ask you that very question, COMMANDER!
Fleet Cmdr: We were sent to intercept you and escort your ship back to Federation space.
Kirk: were here first...I was sent by Starfleet to intercept YOU!
Fleet Cmdr: What are you talking about? We just warped into the system a few minutes ago.
Kirk: Well, see I *grabble* and then *crackle* there seems to be *oorgle* some disturbance *fizzle* I'm loosing *zzzzz* the signal...*shhhh*
Fleet Cmdr: Captian, you're making those noises with your mouth...I can see you moving your lips!
Kirk: *gurgle* uh...I'M LOSING THE SIGNAL *bleep*.
Comm Off: Sir, he cut off the feed.
Fleet Cmdr: *sigh* Yes. Yes, I know.

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