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The Order of the Two Magpies

An art historian, P.C., who wishes to remain anonymous, has uncovered a plot deeper and more fascinating than any work of fiction by Dan Brown: that of the Order of the Two Magpies.
It is a tale of intrigue and mystery to which the only clues are to be found in art, in a vast collection of paintings dating back to the 15th century.

The existence of the Order of the Two Magpies was unknown to most of the world for many centuries, but on 3 June 2010, P.C. discovered an anomaly in a number of paintings exhibited at the National Gallery, London: there appeared to be a motif common to art of different eras, namely a constant depiction of two birds, generally resembling magpies. Their significance, at first deemed to be a mere coincidence, soon led to the unraveling of the greatest mystery known to man.

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Comics and bandes dessinées

Called the “9th Art”, the comic art is something everyone is bound to have encountered at least once in their lives, especially in a country like Belgium, which is considered to be the home of the comic strip.

I grew up with the Belgian “Bande Dessinée” and with a few British comic strips, so I thought I might as well compile a list of those comic strips which shaped my youth… and will probably continue to shape my adulthood.

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Humour and culture

Hi, my name is Peter (“Hi Peter”), and I’m a foreigner (“Good for you!”). I’ve been away from my native country for sixteen years, and have grown up in a hybrid, multicultural environment.

Sesame Street and English books formed an integral part of the upbringing of my sister and myself, while Ici Bla-Bla and other TV programmes in French were our source of entertainment.
This lasted until my sister and I discovered with great horror that many of these (films and series) were dubbed, and we turned towards the British (BBC 1&2) and Flemish (VTM, VT4, KanaalTwee [now 2BE], VijfTV) TV channels.

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