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PACweb2.0: Mind-haven

Over the blue sea, there is an island you can’t see,
Come on and believe me when I say it’s heaven on Earth
Over the blue sea, there is a place we’ll never see,
It is a part of our mind that we can still try to find…

Such were the lyrics to a long-forgotten song of a then-unknown composer.

There are few places where one can go and truly speak freely. The best place nowadays, I believe, is the internet, and then only in certain places. Even if you own a website, you are limited by your webhosting company as to what you can put on your website. But freedom of speech depends on the context and on yourself. If you make a habit of insulting people, then you will feel controlled by forum moderators, … If however you are always polite and try to make constructive arguments, you will feel free as a bird.

But still, you never know if you can speak of just about anything that crosses your mind.

I have decided to integrate a blog in this website, because I know that I often have random thoughts, the desire to write about something, …, and this might well be the best way for me to channel this other kind of creativity and madness.

Therefore, to whomever this may concern, welcome to Peter’s empire of twaddle.