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Enter the professional life

Yesterday (Friday 1 October) marked the dawn of a new era in my life, namely the start of my work life. As a lawyer, I fear that my free time may be dramatically reduced, which means less time to devote to music composing, Arpia in all its facets, web design and other things.

I shall be working as a lawyer in the Brussels office of Loyens & Loeff, a Dutch firm, and in their “Commercial/Intellectual Property/Information Technology” department to be more precise.

After my first full week (i.e. the one that starts on Monday 4 October, with my taking of the lawyer’s oath at the Brussels Court of Appeal), I shall post my thoughts on this new environment. Until then, know that my first day with Loyens is best summarised by three words: fascinating, intense and exhausting (all in a very positive way).

The professional world: an arena

The gladiator closes his eyes. No surroundings to take in, with the darkness around. Outside, the arena. Lots of gladiators have fought there beforehand, and some have even won their freedom. A couple of them are among the wealthier citizens present: senators, merchants. To think that they were once like him.

He breathes deeply. After years of fighting in the training arenas, this is his first big fight. A fight for a chance to live in a better condition than now. Not the only such opportunity, but best to take the first that comes by.

He wonders whom he will face: people from his training arenas, or people from others? What if he isn’t good enough?

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