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On typography

Typography is art. The proof is simple: try to design a font. No matter what you do, you’ll always end up with something that looks ugly. Unless you spend lots of time making in perfect.

Now, I’m no artist in the visual sense. But over a year ago, I discovered typography. Rather, I started looking at fonts differently.

Note: a font is a member of a typeface, much like Times New Roman Italic is a font whereas Times New Roman is a typeface.

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The quest for the perfect non-web font

At university, I write down most of what the teacher says during a lecture, and given that I do so on my MacBook and was feeling generous at the time, I decided to make these lecture notes available to all 400 other students in my class, by putting them online and putting a link to them on the class webboard. Turns out my notes were downloaded over 3300 times during a three-month time-span, because over here in Belgium, lecture notes are the way to go if you want to pass an exam. Especially if the teacher doesn’t provide you with a syllabus.

So I decided I would do the same this term, though this time, we had far fewer courses in common. And at the end of the term (a week ago), I was thinking about how I would make the notes available: Word .doc and Adobe PDF, as usual, or just PDF? I work in Pages ’08, so converting to .doc is always a bother. At the same time, I noticed that the course titles were in Times New Roman. And I thought: “Eugh.”

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