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Action film music: should rap & metal be banned?

Yesterday, I braced myself to face a great intellectual challenge: I was going to watch “xXx: State of the Union”. I had read reviews, and was sure I wasn’t going to enjoy it as much as other action movies. Nevertheless, I watched it (even recorded it, as my brother wished me to do so, just in case it turned out to be good).
Well, let me spoil it, if you haven’t seen it yet: don’t watch it. Ice Cube acts really bad, and the dialogue is worse than most other action movies I’ve seen. At least, Steven Seagal would have made the lame dialogue sound philosophical.

What annoyed me the most, however, was the music: rap music pretty much all the time.
The statement was staring at me in the face: “rap music should never be used as a soundtrack”. Still, I had to be sure of my reasoning.

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All about jazz

Today, I decided to finally record something that has been in my piano keyboard’s memory for nearly a month, a jazz/blues song (depends on what you consider to be jazz and blues, I guess, given that the two concepts are understood differently by everyone).

So, there we go, Thing-a-Ding can now be added to you list of most awesome or worst compositions ever. Your choice.

Two new songs

Sometimes, I sit in front of the piano and start playing random stuff, and every now and again, something strikes me as having potential.
Some of these songs are created and then set aside because I no longer like them, while others are forgotten.

And some are recorded.
As a result, there are two new songs in the “Music” section: Far From The Homeland, and Nuit.
Listen to them and let me know what you think.