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Euro 2008: where were the great nations?

The Euro is over. Of football, that is (“soccer”, for those who think “football” is played holding a ball in one’s hands).
Some amazing games, a few fabulous teams, and a couple of surprises.

But all in all, one question kept creeping back into my mind: what ever happened to the great teams of two to ten years ago?
If today’s wars (the European ones at least) are played on a football pitch, it seems the balance of power has changed.

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And thus cameth the holiday

Finally. After a total six weeks of toiling, of studying so hard the life was sucked out of me, I have prevailed. I have vanquished the devil. I have finished my exams.

In Belgium, university teachers still haven’t understood that what we call the “blocus” (i.e. studying for a fortnight without courses) is bad for students, because they force themselves to memorise things they’ll forget after the exams are over.
Sure, some of the learnt notions will stay, but only a few compared to the massive amount of stuff you’re supposed to know off by heart.

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“No!”: how the Irish proved their ignorance

What makes people vote “no” to a text they have never read?

The Irish “Say No to the Lisbon Treaty” campaign has been the perfect occasion for people to express their dislike of a number of elements: the “Europe of Defence” military idea, increases in taxes, …

Yet who are the Irish to say “no” to a project they do not approve in its entirety? When has a veto on a small part of a project had any positive impact? Especially when the issues at stake had nothing to do with the Lisbon Treaty?

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Appreciating incomprehensible art

Have you ever looked at a painting or sculpture and wondered what influence the artist had been under while creating it?

When I grew up, I was taken to many art galleries and shown all the kinds of painting styles. But after a while, I’d lost all appreciation of a number of forms of art.
This was notably the case for any kind of painting that, to me, was incomprehensible, anything illogical.

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Hello Flanders

Hello Flanders,

How are you? Long time, no see.

You may not remember me, so here’s a little reminder: my name is Peter, I’m twenty-one years old and I’m British. I’ve lived in Belgium, Brussels to be precise, for the past 16 years. I speak English and French, am fluent in Dutch and know basics in German and Japanese.
I read Le Soir and De Standaard every day, and watch only the television channels you have to offer. I’ve had university Law courses at St Louis and the KUB in Brussels, am now at the UCL and am hoping to do a “Master na Master” in Leuven in a year and a half.

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PACweb2.0: Mind-haven

Over the blue sea, there is an island you can’t see,
Come on and believe me when I say it’s heaven on Earth
Over the blue sea, there is a place we’ll never see,
It is a part of our mind that we can still try to find…

Such were the lyrics to a long-forgotten song of a then-unknown composer.

There are few places where one can go and truly speak freely. The best place nowadays, I believe, is the internet, and then only in certain places. Even if you own a website, you are limited by your webhosting company as to what you can put on your website. But freedom of speech depends on the context and on yourself. If you make a habit of insulting people, then you will feel controlled by forum moderators, … If however you are always polite and try to make constructive arguments, you will feel free as a bird.

But still, you never know if you can speak of just about anything that crosses your mind.

I have decided to integrate a blog in this website, because I know that I often have random thoughts, the desire to write about something, …, and this might well be the best way for me to channel this other kind of creativity and madness.

Therefore, to whomever this may concern, welcome to Peter’s empire of twaddle.