Peter Craddock

Peter Craddock is a British citizen who has lived in Brussels (Belgium) most of his life (and still does).

He has recently joined the law firm Liedekerke, within the IP/IT team. He specialises in commercial law, and in marketing law, intellectual property law and (industrial and information) technology law in particular.
Together with Sandrine Kinart, he is the author of the website Cat Hat / Janssens-Quidam, a practical guide on how to build and defend a company’s e-reputation.

You can see his Curriculum Vitae here, and read his Master Thesis for UCLouvain, entitled "Use of Comparative Law in European Law", or read his dissertation for King's College London, entitled "Legal Implications of Internet Filtering".

When not working, Peter designs websites, composes music, writes novels and creates games.

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