Brick Painter

Convert a painting into bricks:

  • Note: use small / medium images with high contrast for best results. Large-sized images take longer to process, and the largest images take up too much memory.

  • (recommendation: multiples of 8)


  • (greyscale: black, white, medium stone grey and dark stone grey)

  • Different algorithms are used to determine whether a colour is close purely in mathematical terms (e.g. grey-blue might be closer to grey than to blue) or in terms of perceived colour (blue might be a better match from a person's perspective). We recommend trying both and comparing them, but it takes a little more time.


    (i.e. one pixel = one block)


The Brick Painter transforms any image (of a reasonable size) into bricks, for easy reproduction.

Created by Peter Craddock for his own LEGO-based reproductions of Magritte, Monet and Vermeer paintings, the Brick Painter has a limited colour palette - it only includes the colours that are available for 1x1, 1x2 and/or 1x4 LEGO plates through the webstore as of October 2014.

The end-result does not (yet) take into account limitations of LEGO plate sizes (e.g. "Earth green" is only available from the store in 1x4 plates, not 1x1 or 1x2).

However, the Brick Painter is open-source (see licence details in the footer) and may be modified by those who wish to improve it.

Peter Craddock and the Brick Painter are not affiliated in any way with any companies of the LEGO group.

If you have any query in relation to the Brick Painter, you may contact Peter Craddock through his personal website,


Here are two examples of images or paintings built in LEGO thanks to the Brick Painter:

Monet painting of Saint-Georges majeur au crépuscule as built in LEGO  Arpian Subarashii space scene as built in LEGO

You may find a "step-by-step" comparison over on the Examples page.

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