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Parmil has graduated from the prestigious Prospera School of Space. The galaxy is hers to conquer as she leaves planet Spiciam and the Rablaor Kan star system for the very first time.

She finds that the galaxy can be a dangerous place, where piracy thrives unchallenged since the demise of the Society.
Or does it?

A new force has been revealed. Can the face of the universe be changed by the actions of a few?

Welcome to the ARPIA.

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This novel, available for free online (under a Creative Commons licence) and available on demand at and, belongs to the science-fiction genre due to the context, but contains other genres such as romance (parental love, friendship and love), mystery (investigations), adventure (discovery and exploration) and action, and is meant to be accessible to readers of all backgrounds and ages (you don’t have to be a sci-fi buff, in other words).

Any comments/reviews/… would be more than welcome.

You can also view a full synopsis here. Just be aware that a synopsis is a summary of the events (in this case, two pages long), including possible spoilers.

Arpia: volume 2

Three main stories run through the second book: the story of the Shroud of Silence, the adventures of Wadina & Artemis (characters from the first Arpia novel) and the tale of a Fleak. What this means is for you to find out, and this can be achieved by contacting me to tell me what research group is linked to the Unrest Station (here, Google is your friend).

10 thoughts on “Novels”

  1. Oh. I thought it’s finished already. Shame..

    Anyway, sorry for double-contacting. I thought the Contact Me part didn’t work. Thanks for your respond.

  2. Still no news on book 2 – I haven’t yet gone past Chapter 1, and I’m still rewriting the whole scenario in my head. Once I know where I’m going with it, I’ll be sure to post an update!

  3. What an awesome read! Thank you Peter! One thing I don’t like, though, is the last page – any news on book two? Otherwise brilliant!

  4. I’ve downloaded all your music and every time I listen to it reminds me of Arpia and that I’m still waiting for book two to come out. But anyways, it’s almost been a year. Any updates? 😀

  5. It’s a different universe. This stemmed from a desire to avoid copyright issues, but soon became the motivation for making the story more solid. The only names in common with the EVN universe are those that were added in ARPIA2.

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