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Are we all “Big Brother”?

As some of you may know, I am on the verge of becoming the owner of the student website of my (former) Law Faculty. This week-end (after a start of internship with Allen & Overy where I have worked an average of 9h30 a day), I started work on porting the current database to a local installation, to try to get it all to work on my own design and all that.

However, encoding problems (we’re going from Western Roman to UTF-8, for those who understand the jargon) have made it such that all accented characters (é, è, û, …), very common in French, are messed up in the exported database. As such, I’ve had to replace these everywhere.

One thing I noticed when doing these replacements was the full control I had over content: I could easily check all the private messages sent in the forum. The temptation was oh-so-great, naturally…

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Google’s new favicon, again

Well, here we are, folks: Google have decided to update their favicon, again.
Last time they did that, back in May ’08, it spurred a whole lot of reactions all over the web, and if you take a look at the poll results in that older post, you’ll see lots of the reactions were negative.

With time, however, I’m sure everyone got used to it, whether they initially liked it or not.

So, now that the new one has come, I’m starting to regret the previous one. Despite the fact that it wasn’t as good as the one before, I still prefer it to this current one.

Out with the old, in with the new…

Google’s new favicon: the end of an era (poll)

There are times when a company decides to change its logo. And there are times when it decides to change its favicon.
Either way, it has a huge effect on the consumer, because he/she has to adapt to the change.

Ambrosia Software did this recently, to illustrate, and it showed that “ASW” was letting go of its “sketched” look to go towards a new “modern” look.

And now, Google is doing the same thing.
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Lessons of web design

I could have easily titled this "What I learnt while making this website" (yes, "learnt" – British English, my friends), but it felt a little long.

The website has only been truly complete for a few hours now, because I now believe no more changes are needed (though the past week has been just about tweaking). This means I haven’t yet received any real feedback (except from a couple of friends), and so I cannot say I’ve learnt anything from the potential users.
But as a web designer (an amateur, really), there are so many things I’ve learnt over the past month that I feel it necessary to write down the most important of them.

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