EV Nova

Major Storylines These storylines provide the central plot for EV Nova. Completion of one of them transports the pilot to a hidden system where the developers hang out. Only one Major Storyline may be followed by a given pilot and doing so may prevent starting or continuing either of the Minor Storylines.
Vell-os Polaris Auroran
Rebellion Federation Pirate
Minor Storylines These storylines do not directly lead to the end game, but can cross-over into one of the Major Storylines. However, they do not restrict Major Storyline access in the same manner. The Wild Geese Storyline, once started, prevents any Major Storyline from starting until you reach a cross-over point. The Bounty Hunter Storyline does not restrict access, but will not cross-over to a Major Storyline if one has already started.
Wild Geese Bounty Hunter
Side Missions These missions neither affect nor are affected directly by the Major or Minor storylines. However, some may be affected by changes to the galaxy that occur near the end of certain Major Storylines.
Cunjo Hunt Escort Band GLi-Tech
Launch Probe Sigma Shipyards Temmin Shard
Terraforming Tutorial United Shipping

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