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Download the ARPIA2 plug-in for Escape Velocity Nova, version 2.2.0

A walkthrough is available in RTF format here, and a guide to The Riddle can be found here.

Arpia was devised as a simple plug-in/add-on for a game called Escape Velocity: Nova (EVN or EV:Nova for short), the third game in the Escape Velocity series of Ambrosia Software.
The storylines the player can follow had really inspired me, and so it was that I started to create a little story of my own.

ARPIA2 is a game add-on of three large storylines woven in parallel among which the player must choose.
The player fights battles, frees slaves, explores the galaxy, discovers trade, protects the human race and is part of Arpia.

Cover of Arpia
To view images from ARPIA2, you can visit the Arpia Gallery

In ARPIA2 you get to choose your path. But beware: one choice can change the future, and the future holds many surprises… Do you have what it takes?
It has always been everyone’s dream to fight off entire fleets by oneself, to become a big-time rich trader, to do covert ops and to know everyone, everywhere.
Well, here’s your chance.

Complete with stunning graphics made by incredibly talented designers (some of them actually created EVN years before, others have since then become game designers themselves or are hoping to do so), it is another way of being Arpia.

Enjoy the plug-in!

Shield add-ons for ARPIA2

ARPIA2 is compatible with ShieldBubbles and other such shield plug-ins. You may download an ARPIA2 ShieldBubbles add-on (requires 3D ShieldBubbles), or download Guy’s Shields plug-in, which includes a version for ARPIA2.

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  1. no it all of them i start new ones then it doesn’t do the auto load after some time so then i have to load them up but everytime i click “load pilot” at menu screen it crashs so all files i make i can never play again if they don’t auto load and it is annoying getting threw half the arpia storyline then leave game for a bit come back and it doesn’t auto load the pilot i was playling so i can’t play it again because the game crashes when i try to open up the pilot selection i deleted them all even the folder a couple times and still won’t work re installed the game after removing everything all plug ins even arpia and the game itself nothing works so unless i can get the game to always auto load the pilot i can’t do anything and what if i get bored i make a new pilot and can’t play the one i had before

  2. So, let me get this straight: your problem is not the application itself, but the pilot file? Does this happen only with one pilot file? If so, it’s probably that the pilot file is corrupted and causing problems.

  3. can’t find app data anywhere on comp i am not that good when it come to comp folders i use windows xp btw

  4. for the record i don’t have the shield bubble plug in in (atleast that i am aware)

  5. and as for the plug ins i only have arpia one’s in they are data 1/2 graph 1/2 music 1/2 and arpia ships

  6. i made a debuglog and i will post what it says i think it is anti pirate tool in the program tell me what you think after you see it preparing main screen
    setting up world
    checking network stack
    beginning version check
    couldn’t begin version check (error code -7108)
    setting up main screen graphics
    doing main screen
    opening pilot file

  7. Which plug-ins exactly do you have in your plug-ins folder, and which ones do you have in the AppData folder mentioned in the link I gave above?

  8. i mean the game not the pilot loading so please tired of having to sart new games then having them disapear then needing to be loaded and they can’t be loaded

  9. why am i asking you because it only works when i have arpia plug in in and i removed that to before i reinstllaled

  10. i need your help ev nova keeps crashing for me when i try to load my files, got a blue screen of death and now it won’t load files. i removed every trace i could that is related to ev nova then re installed it it says the problem is the launcher i well give what it says is the offset code 000ec4f5

  11. So after beating the story line I came across this odd orange shuttle craft (the name of which I’m blanking on). Pirates had disabled it so after killing them I boarded it, and when I exited, my ship turned yellow! This is hilarious but is there any way to get the original color back?

  12. doug, there are a total of seven traitors. If you don’t get the next mission offered, I’m afraid it means that you haven’t got them all. If you accomplished your mission fast, you may still have time to go back. Otherwise, let the deadline go by (i.e. fly around for a while), and go to Rebel II to get the mission again.

  13. Stuck on fetch traitors 1 and 2. Have disabled and seized all traitors (I think). When i return to Culuria, I am told to meet someone in the bar when i have all traitors, but when i go no one’s there. i’ve done this mission a few times now, and can’t seem to get past it. help!!!

  14. Thanks for helping me. another thing is “trade center” spelled like “Trade centre” on purpose? this is a great plug in and thanks for helping me ^^

  15. Thank you. you been so helpful.i just have one last question i was playing arpia and the planet got destroyed. is that the one of the endings and i need to restart? or is it possible to rebuild it? sorry for asking so many questions

  16. another thing i tried to use 3d shield bubbles but i can’t open the file. i need a free program to open hqx. any good links?

  17. i don’t know if this is a bug or was done on purpose. in NGC-1317 the worm hole is directly right after jumping in the system. i tried going upper left and i still come across it but it takes 5 times longer then just heading straight right. And thanks for suggesting that EVNEW it is very helpful. and for those who are interested WINstartwithanyship2 is compatible with arpia.

  18. Connor, if you don’t get the mission, it’s most probably because you didn’t get all seven traitors.
    The mission will reset, and you’ll have to get it again from Rebel II.

  19. HELP PLEASE sorry for caps anyways back to business ummm i am on the mission where you get the traitors and i got them returned he said to meet at the bar i go and nothing happens and your guide says it is 100% so please help me i am going to murder someone if i have to restart

  20. You can’t test compatibility through any program without looking at each resource individually.
    As such, you have to use an editor (MissionComputer on Mac OS, EVNEW on Windows). When opening the plug-in files in the editor, check if any use the same resource IDs.

  21. is there a link to a program that i can use to test if my plug ins will in anyway conflict with each other? i have the more ships mod and a few others i want to test. i messed up the first time through i got stuck in arpia homeworld. there were no hyper space jump links out of there and the wormhole refused to let me go the revearse way. i was trapped lol

  22. ahh, i just tried it with new ship and it worked… i have tried getting the mission with a captured polaris scarab with cargo space and it didnt work.. it worked with a pirate carrier tho, ty… lol i try not to bother you with stupid questions anymore lol

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